I took a deep breath and listened to the old bray of my heart: I am, I am, I am.
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Epigraph to ‘An Army of Lovers’ by Juliana Spahr & David Buuck


Epigraph to ‘An Army of Lovers’ by Juliana Spahr & David Buuck

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so many late nights at work I find myself listening to this gem of an album on loop

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The place I found was carved out of sadness and sex and to write a poem there you merely needed to gather. There would be days in which feelings were so externalized that you just behaved like a painter a kid with deep pockets, bringing the lavender home. —Eileen Myles (via monicawendel)

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Thoughts. Silly. I’d rather
sink my teeth in your neck,
seriously, knock you down
on the floor - all for love.
You’ll forget my lousy
poems but if I could just
mar you or something. Nothing
nice ever sticks but boy
a scar - If I could ever
really bruise you with
my feelings, them, so infinitely
forgettable & gone.
 Eileen Myles  is “the rock star of modern poetry” (BUST Magazine) and “a cult figure to a generation of post-punk female writer-perfomers” (The New York Times)

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The science of existence was completely out there for me to explore. Me, a twenty-five year old female. There’s no mystery why poetry is so elaborately practiced by the young. The material of poems is energy itself, not even language. Words come later. —Eileen Myles, Inferno (via theoryoflostthings)
If passion was a substance I would say it is dark brown, and then blood red. It’s like wet grass, tons of it soaked in mud. It’s warm and it stinks like shit and it’s unaccountably and endlessly good. It’s thick and it goes on for miles and it isn’t so much deep as bottomless and it holds you in its grip, you never drown. And then it goes. That’s all you know. —Eileen Myles, from Inferno (via muscovite)


Twelve of the authors in Flavorpill’s “50 Books That Define the Past Five Years in Literature" have graced our stage at HWBC within the past two years.

(I can only do up to ten pictures though… sorry Téa and Lev we <3 you.)

Mean Clones: Who is Delphine Cormier?

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btvs + priorities
   ↪ "Uh, can we just revel in your fabulous lack of priorities?"

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I wanna thank the universe for this gifset

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What advice would you give to your character?

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